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Re-kindling the Fire

I’ve just had one of those conversations. You know, the ones that take your breath away?

I have suddenly realised that the pandemic has made me passive. Instead of taking myself into the world with all that I have to offer, I have waited to be invited. I have responded to requests for training and support, to demands for writing or consultancy and given people what they have asked for, but I haven't shared what I COULD do.

Of course, I have been lucky that I have continued to be able to do much of the work I love over these past months. I was so grateful that I could still work that I lost that connection with what makes me excited and how I started out with Connection Works in the first place.

When I began nearly five years ago, I was burning with a desire to change the world. I was driven by a passion to share what I knew and understood about childhood trauma and adversity. I stood up and took risks; I spoke about what mattered to me, not only professionally, but personally. This opened so many doors and I can still see the impact today.

But over the last eighteen months, I have waited to be asked to speak, and been driven by what people have needed. I love that people come to me and want to hear what I have to say about trauma, personal and social development, behaviour and self-regulation. Those messages are so important to me and the little people who are growing and developing in this ever-changing world.

But I had lost contact with the me who wants to talk about more than this. I haven’t shared what else I have learned about being human, about our ways of being and becoming. I have so much I want to talk about!

And what I have realised in a conversation today is that I need to START talking again. How do I know if people are interested if I don’t once again put my ideas, thoughts and opinions out there?

This is such an important time for us all as we begin to emerge from lockdowns and restrictions. We are talking about what matters for children and young people and for ourselves. What DOES make life worth living? What is important? What do we need to focus on in recovery? How are we getting through and what can we learn from our journey?

These are big and important questions. We need to understand play and creativity better and how these vital aspects of our humanity can contribute not only to how we are ‘being’ in the moment but also how they help us become who we want to be in the future.

Noticing is the first step to change. Awareness will lead to action. I had forgotten that I need the spark of connection to drive me forward. Now I have remembered, I can blow gently on the embers of the fire and watch as the flames grow once more.

We all need the spark of connection. Let me know if you'd like to have a conversation about play, creativity and story and how they will help us heal and grow.

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