I can deliver bespoke training around any of the topics listed. Get in touch to discuss what you need. 

Observation, assessment and planning in the Early Years

Meeting children's individual needs (special educational needs and disability) 

Understanding child development in the Prime Areas of the EYFS

Characteristics of effective learning and metacognition

Creativity and expressive arts

Adult/Child Interactions

Providing effective indoor and outdoor environments

Other topics can include:

Understanding Behaviour and Self-Regulation

How we approach supporting children's behaviour can be transformed by understanding how we learn self-regulation. 

Find out about the interconnected domains of biological, emotional, social and cognitive self-regulation and how this impacts behaviour. 

Attachment Builds Connections

How do our early attachments and relationships support our developing brains? What does this mean for people who work with our youngest children?

An introduction to attachment theory, the neuroscience of relationships and what it might mean when we work with children and adults in a range of settings. 


This ground breaking documentary explores the link between childhood adversity and lifelong heath outcomes. It describes a realisation that what happens in our early years affects us in many ways. It also gives us hope that with the right support, we can overcome this. 

Want some support to host a screening and start the journey to becoming trauma informed? 


What's all the fuss about play? Play is an innate drive in all of us which we deny at our peril. Explore play and playfulness, the impact on learning, development and well-being.

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