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Guides and Stories

This is the place to find my publications. 

I write about different ideas to help us understand what might be happening when we experience different thoughts and feelings. 

I also write therapeutic stories to help children think together about things like loss, change and grief.

The Search for Safety

This booklet explains how our brains, bodies and minds work together to keep us safe. 

Taking the polyvagal theory as a starting point, it uses the metaphor of landscapes and maps to help us explore how we feel when we are in a place of “fight or flight” or “freeze”.

It is intended to make these ideas accessible to older children and adults so that they can talk together about what might be happening when they experience different ways of being. 

Click button to visit website to buy a digital download for £1.50 or contact me to buy a paper copy for £2.00 each plus postage


The Chameleon and The Rainforest

This is a story about loss and grief. Suddenly everything in the rainforest changes and Chameleon finds herself longing for the way things used to be. 

To pre-order for £4.00 plus p&p send me a message. 

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