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Holding Hope

I was sharing some thoughts on the power of feeling safe yesterday evening, just as the news was full of changes to the rules about the ways we can live in these pandemic times. I am struck by two things. There is a widespread despair and lack of trust in the current leadership in England. It is hard to make sense of the changes and how they will help keep us safe. There is also an opportunity for us as individuals to make a difference.

COVID 19 is a global experience and, as such, requires a global response. We need governments and institutions which lead with integrity and compassion. We need cooperation and allies. When we don't see these things, we lose faith. We can perhaps lose hope.

Essential to hope is the belief that things can change AND that we can do something to influence this. So we have to hold onto the idea that whatever is going on in government, we have the power to make a difference.

As individuals, we can remind ourselves that things are tough right now, but we are getting through. We have ways of coping and managing. We learn to be kinder to ourselves when we feel overwhelmed and we can remind ourselves to ask for help.

We can extend this kindness and compassion to others and build a sense of safety into the lives of those around us. We can acknowledge and accept others where they are and let them know that they matter. Our gaze, our tone of voice, our interest, our reflection of what we are seeing, all help us connect in meaningful ways with other people.

There are many communities and organisations which are prioritising relationships and safety at the moment. There are many, many people who are spreading kindness in their everyday interactions. We can, and do, weave a sense of safety from the ground up.

We have both a collective responsibility and the opportunity to have an individual impact. Hold onto this hope when you look at the news.

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