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Hope: That Thing With Feathers

I started with feathers, drawn to them by their shape and delicacy. The tall grasses they were caught in creating make-shift dream catchers on the coastal path. I had never realised how different they could be, yet all playing their part in allowing the magic of flight.

So why feathers? The association with the world beyond this one? Angels? Gods? The suggestion of an aerial view, of freedom and inspiration? Perhaps they remind me of that which is within us all - an intrinsic drive towards growth and self-actualisation - that unquenchable hope.

Trauma and adversity can drown out the tune within us, that hope within our soul which never stops singing. We can be so busy coping with the added noise of the intrusion into our selves, that we forget the melody.

Our work, then, is to find our way through the noise and distraction to stillness. Remembering the lightness of feathers reminds me to hold my thoughts and feelings lightly and to see them as transient. A mindfulness of sorts.

Hearing that wordless song within me, allows me to hold hope for the people I work with, until they can, in turn, hear the song of their own hearts too. It is within us all, ready to take flight.

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