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New Year: an opportunity to renew intentions, rekindle enthusiasm, refresh ideas, approaches, appearances.

I have used some of my break to turn inwards and reflect on the past year. Often, walking helps this process for me and I spotted this tiny sprig of ivy, working its way along a wall, shining valiantly in the frost and throwing forth new leaves.

Ivy represents eternity, fidelity and strong attachment, is evergreen and resilient in harsh environments.

How apt that this plant, which thrives through connecting with its environment and others, should attract my attention.

2017 had brought change and new ventures to me. It was a year of pushing myself into arenas I hadn't anticipated entering and of trusting my gut that launching Connection Works was the right thing to do. I am still trusting, but there are shoots of growth now and connections to build on.

This year, I seek to invigorate and inspire. I want to strengthen what has begun and breathe in the possibility of what may be.

We are all growing constantly, looking for niches to explore, connections to support us. With the tenacity of ivy, we can reach heights we never dreamed possible.

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