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Holding the Unknown

When was the last time you had to tolerate the discomfort of simply not knowing what was going to happen?

So often, we seek certainty. We want to know if a medical intervention will work or not, whether our relationships will last, whether our investment will pay out... and, usually, there are no guarantees. We have to wait and see.

How does that feel? Are we anxious? Optimistic? Resigned to failure? There is a whole industry now built around mindfulness and being in the moment. In the moment, we are spared the anticipation and weight of expectation. Bringing our attention back to the here and now allows us to connect with ourselves, our breath, our inner sense of calm.

In my work with children, I am often holding the unknown. Will the child turn up to their play therapy session? What is happening in their process? What does their play mean? Have I said too much or not enough? I have learned to sit with this, though. It is part of my role to hold the uncertainty and confusion, to trust the process and let the future unfold.

For the child is so often in the moment, unaware of the potential consequences of their actions. Play, in its purest sense, is an exploration of the multiples of possibilities that exist in the world.

Connection Works is ready to play. I don't know where this work will take me, but I am holding the unknown. Anything is possible.

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