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Connect, Disconnect and Repeat

Do you remember sitting on a carousel as a child, waiting for the moment you would see someone you knew so you could wave frantically? Then they would be gone and you could immerse yourself in your adventure - in my case, riding a unicorn through an enchanted forest - until they loomed into view again.

Connect, disconnect, connect... I am at that point of disconnecting from one part of my life and riding off on a new adventure. Our lives are a continual cycle of connection and disconnection as we move through childhood and into adulthood. The connections we make and hold onto make our lives meaningful.

Connection Works is my new adventure. It is the culmination of my journey through life so far and what I have learned.

I bring together my personal journey and my professional experience in a venture designed to manufacture connection through understanding, reconnecting us with what we knew as children but sometimes lose in the noise and confusion of what is expected of us.

I also believe passionately, profoundly and without question that connection works when we are trying to educate and care for children and others. Without the spark of connection that says, "I am here and I see you. You matter.", engagement is almost impossible.

Join me on the carousel and share in the adventure. We are all in this together.

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