On The Inadequacy Of Words

A chance meeting yesterday led me to talking about play therapy and the opportunity it offers in terms of self-expression and experience sharing. For children, who are still grasping for words to express their inner worlds, play and creative media allow embodied communication of how they experience the world. Sometimes the only way a child has to express themselves is through their behaviours and responses. When they experience being seen and understood, they can stop telling us. There is space for something else. The act of upturning all the furniture in the doll's house might say a great deal about the upheaval of moving home. The opportunity to create a mess with paint, glue, sand, clay c

We Are Strong

"Bad is stronger than good" is the conclusion reached by Baumeister et al (2001). We are designed as a species to pay more attention and respond to the negatives in life so we are more likely to survive. Negative impressions and ideas are likely to be formed more quickly and be harder to undo than positive ones - because we are fantastic at surviving. We ARE strong but we often pick up the idea that we are weak and that there is something wrong with us. If we end up seeking help from a professional to support us at these times, there can be a focus on the 'bad' stuff that took us to therapy in the first place. But what if the therapy focussed on the strengths we had displayed in order to sur

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