Membranes (Not Barriers) for Therapists

The highly technical world of waterproof outdoor clothing baffles me. I want something that will keep the rain out, the warmth in and allow any ‘glistening’ that I produce to escape. To this end, I am informed that what I require is a membrane and not a barrier: a fabric that will allow some elements to pass through in either direction rather than stop all movement between inside and outside. It makes perfect sense. As I reflect on my practice, I recognise the same distinction in the way we can experience relationships. The way we are impacted by others – their feelings, their expressions, their words and actions – is dependent on the membrane or barrier between us. In practising therapy, I

Hide and Seek - The Games We Play

Do you enjoy playing hide and seek? It’s a favourite childhood game. The game can take many different forms- from objects hidden in the sand tray to a child physically hiding in the room, but I think that at the root of the game is a deep-seated, human need to be found. Have you ever had the experience of finding somewhere to hide, exhilarated by the cunning of your hiding place, only to feel a growing anxiety that it is TOO clever? There is nothing quite like the forlorn feeling of hearing the others continue gleefully in the game whilst you remain tucked away in your hiding place. What happens to the unfound, the lost? The game of peek-a-boo is delightful to a baby learning that what they

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