So it begins...

Safely on board? The boat has left the harbour. This weekend, I have been learning more about being a play therapist. In an exhausting and exhilarating three days, I have been letting my unconscious do its work through sand play and been astounded (again) by the power of creative media to channel our natural inclination towards healing. So it is not until now that I have realised that the shore is behind me. I am now on an ocean of adventure. Transitions are a universal experience - nothing stays the same, change is inevitable. But what do we take with us on our journeys? What do our lifejackets look like? I have been through transitions before - leaving jobs, moving home. I know through exp

New Horizons

As William Faulkner so wisely says, it's hard to work towards the future when you are still holding onto the past. This week, the shore will be out of sight and in front of me, the unknown. I have never worked for myself before, never had the freedom to decide when, where and with whom to work. It is a little daunting to be faced with this freedom, but also exhilarating. No doubt I have much to learn. I will make unwise choices, work when I should rest, rest when I should work, do too much or not enough... but I also believe that I have the capacity to learn from these experiences and from those around me who have swum for their own new horizons. The process of becoming who we are, finding o

The Mouth of the Tunnel

Can you feel it? The curiosity, the anticipation, the fear? When we are on the brink of any new experience or venture, we often have a whole range of feelings vying for attention. Right now, a matter of days before I leave my current role, I am standing at the mouth of this tunnel. I have an idea of what lies ahead, but there is no certainty. I can't see into the shadows. It takes a certain amount of bravery to take the first steps into the darkness and trust that I will come out the other side intact. There was a time when I would have not been able to take those first steps; when the world felt too uncertain, too unsafe. So what makes it possible now? What gives us the courage to leave wha

Connect, Disconnect and Repeat

Do you remember sitting on a carousel as a child, waiting for the moment you would see someone you knew so you could wave frantically? Then they would be gone and you could immerse yourself in your adventure - in my case, riding a unicorn through an enchanted forest - until they loomed into view again. Connect, disconnect, connect... I am at that point of disconnecting from one part of my life and riding off on a new adventure. Our lives are a continual cycle of connection and disconnection as we move through childhood and into adulthood. The connections we make and hold onto make our lives meaningful. Connection Works is my new adventure. It is the culmination of my journey through life so

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